Alternative Instrumental Version of Locked [VIDEO]

Hey folks,

Just dropped a brand new version of "Locked" that we thought it would be cool to make an instrumental out of. Added some piano and re-mixed the song from live studio takes. Turned out nice, check it out:


Homecoming - exclusive raw audio version

We're sorry about the scarce and rare updates as of recently. There're tons, literally - tons of work to do! This is just to give you an idea of what it is:





Imperfections EP - pre-release!

Hey friends,

Can't wait any longer, I must share this awesome stuff with you, right now! Go listen to the songs and grab them if you like 'em! 

This is not an official release yet, as we agreed to wait…

WIP - Mixing

Hello friends,

Another quick post here just to prove we're not dead yet. :D

All instrumental and vocal parts are finally complete and recorded for the three songs we have been working on this year. Recorded and peacefully…


Recording Drums - In-Studio Footage

Hi everybody,

We've compiled a short video about our latest drums recording session in the studio. It features one of the newer tracks, which will be coming out this summer as a part of a 3-song batch. The track…

PrePro for drums is complete

Hello everyone!

A quick update on what's going on with the band: we are at the closing stage of pre-production for the new tracks. The drum parts are complete and are being fine-tuned, and the studio time is already…


WIP update + drum cover video!

Hi everybody! So the latest news is: we are over with tracking drums and guitars for the upcoming release, now it's time for bass and vocals! In the meantime, here's a little something for you to enjoy from Nik, our…


Prepro status and video blog announcement

Hey y'all,

So we are done with composing drums parts for the three new tracks, and we will soon enter a studio to track them. We are currently busy getting pre-production demos ready for the recording process while writing…

Collabs anyone?


Right now we are looking for some fresh air: we would really love to invite a talented drummer to work on some new tracks. We have had several candidates recently, but it just happens that none of them…

EP artwork photoshoot (part 2 of 2)

Hey, folks! Today let's finish that little story about how our CD cover came into being. 
Last time we told you a little about how we had to actually make a road sign to fit our needs for making a…