Pieces coming back together (and a sneak peek at what's cooking!)

Hello everyone,

Eli here.

I've got a quick heads-up regarding Mazemile's music production schedule. We have recently teamed up with an awesome new drummer, and this dude is really freakin' FAST! This means that very soon (according to our plans) we will be entering the studio to track drums, guitars & vocals for the three tracks that are currently at the production stage. We should be done with recording drums by the end of the year 2017, getting ready to track other instruments and mix the projects throughout January '18. We have not yet decided if we should release those 3 songs at once or write 3 or 4 additional tracks and compile another 6-7 track EP. More info on this to come! Anyway, here's a small snippet of one of the tracks that we are currently working on.

Let us know what you think!


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