1. 2044


Verse 1:
I’m gonna
Buy an abandoned missile silo
they all think it's just for fun)
I will
Wipe my new home clean
they think they know where they can run)

Every new day that I am still around
I grow in the belief: it will all come down
Living like we do by no means ain't right
And at a pivot point blame is on the other side

Loads which missiles carry
Keep on testing my blast door
Kilotons there have been plenty
But I am still expecting more
So I'm kicking back and waiting
For [the] world to burn down to its core
Meanwhile I get myself some brandy
Drink to the year 2044

Verse 2:
So funny
Like kids they spat over toys in a sandbox
(we like to think we have the choice)
A moment later
You wake up to some bullets cracking
(no matter whom you gave your voice)

This game of rising stakes
That no one wants to quit now
Goes on and on and on as tensions rise
Nations’ political agenda disallows
Listening to reason - no big surprise

And So
I want today
To be the day
That will never end
Aint't gonna be alright
And so how dare you
Take it away from me