Verse 1:
Take Mike
A nice and clever guy
He's a little weird
But always polite
Have you ever noticed
Those eyes full of hate
And if you were to cross him
He just might break?

Bullied in middle school
Tried hard to keep it cool
(Good boy!)
Think before abusing him
(Think twice)
He'll send a bullet through your skin
(Not nice!)

If you happen to trigger
His temper
You'd better start looking
For shelter

Ever so hollow inside
Wandering away from the light
We've made up false gods
Who will decide
How and when each of us
Should be gratified

Verse 2:
Now meet one of the prettiest girls
Her name is Evelyn
She went through many whirls
With her friends and her family
But she learned from her mommy
It's not the head that you cover
Hits to the tummy -
Give you less chance to recover

I hate to call her
A nonchalant bitch
You're not her concern
Not even a smidge
Ever since her mom
Got sick and then perished
Utter indifference
Is her rule to cherish

She takes pride in
Being a slacker
Manipulating men
like snapping a cracker
Not even a single
Thought of tomorrow
She doesn't mind living
A life that is hollow


Verse 3:
This is Alex:
Who is afraid
Of nothing specific
However, wait...
Alex is afraid of
Coming to work late
Upsetting the boss
And not getting paid
Committing to marriage
It's potential betrayal
Of being alone
And stepping off trail
Afraid of the woods
And going astray
Of airport connections
And when flights get delayed
Of someone standing
Behind a window shade
Now we see that
Alex is truly afraid

Last pre-chorus:
Anyone and everyone
What is your problem
Do I have one?
[(we don't know)]
[Why can't we solve 'em?]