1. Homecoming


Verse 1:
It's cold outside
Out there in the snow
I'm staying at home
But feel like I wanna go
Into memories and dreams
Go back into my past
To the places and things
All those, which did not last

Sometimes I wonder if
(I can)
Go beyond what
(I still remember)
Situations and who I was
Find there a frozen world
And there I will stay
With all that time
(At no limit)
There might be peace I could
(Find there)
And settle down
(My spirit)

I close my eyes
Chase my own fear
Down to where it dwells
And there I see clear
This is the place
I've been searching for so long
This is my home
it's where I belong

Verse 2:
It is in my dreams -
The solace I can find
This feeling is attached
To the places in my mind
I want to stay there
For ages up ahead
But something takes me away
And I wake up instead

One day I'm gonna find
This Deja vu
(Is stemming from)
Gonna find a way to go
Embrace what I will become
I don't care if I will get lost
Go astray
(Trapped in my dreams)
It is worth it, at least mostly
(I need no safety)


All of my years are here
Re-living them through without fear
Of losing what I once had
Browsing through the lives
That I could have led.

Bridge pt.2:
Shake me
Try to wake me
You can not wake me up
Wake up!