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Imperfections EP - pre-release! 

Hey friends,

Can't wait any longer, I must share this awesome stuff with you, right now! Go listen to the songs and grab them if you like 'em! 

This is not an official release yet, as we agreed to wait until there're enough new tracks for a full-blown album, complete with artwork and other niceties. A lot of work still lies ahead of us and it's hard to give an estimate on when the album will be released. For now, you're welcome to enjoy the fresh tunes, leave your feedback and we'll be sure to take it into account when the mastering time comes.

Again, you can listen and download the tracks here.


CDs arrived from replication place 

Just a quick announcement. Over The Edge EP hard copies have just arrived from the replication plant, so we will be shipping them out to our friends locally and overseas starting tomorrow! If you have somehow been involved into this, you'd better start checking your mailbox for a CD in about a week's time.


We will do a small series on how the CD album art came together as well, so stay tuned!


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