Recording Drums - In-Studio Footage

Hi everybody,

We've compiled a short video about our latest drums recording session in the studio. It features one of the newer tracks, which will be coming out this summer as a part of a 3-song batch. The track has been around since the year 2015 under "Follow Me" codename and has seen a couple of thorough revisions since then, effectively making it a different song. You'll be able to hear chunks of the pre-pro demo in the vid, but make no mistake - you won't be getting that mediocre-sounding tune in the end. I can tell it's going to be much more than that by just how excited I'm starting to feel about the song as we are getting closer to the completion of the work. Mixing that stuff is just around the corner, so I'm looking forward to sharing this awesome music with ya'll pretty soon!

P.S.: special thanks to Nik for making this video happen!


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