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Recording Drums - In-Studio Footage 

Hi everybody,

We've compiled a short video about our latest drums recording session in the studio. It features one of the newer tracks, which will be coming out this summer as a part of a 3-song batch. The track has been around since the year 2015 under "Follow Me" codename and has seen a couple of thorough revisions since then, effectively making it a different song. You'll be able to hear chunks of the pre-pro demo in the vid, but make no mistake - you won't be getting that mediocre-sounding tune in the end. I can tell it's going to be much more than that by just how excited I'm starting to feel about the song as we are getting closer to the completion of the work. Mixing that stuff is just around the corner, so I'm looking forward to sharing this awesome music with ya'll pretty soon!

P.S.: special thanks to Nik for making this video happen!


PrePro for drums is complete 

Hello everyone!

A quick update on what's going on with the band: we are at the closing stage of pre-production for the new tracks. The drum parts are complete and are being fine-tuned, and the studio time is already booked for the early February! Once the drums are recorded, we will jump right into tracking guitars & bass, followed closely by the vocals, which shouldn't take long since everything is pretty much ready. 

There's no decision YET (ahh, the indie band life!) regarding the release of those tracks: once they are mixed or after another pack of 3 or 4 comes out, but I will definitely be posting some insider-grade stuff here (read as: 'some awesome music!') as soon as the first portion is complete!

I'm still working on the video blog idea, which has been facing some difficulties as of lately. I might as well put the realization of this idea off because honestly, there are so many other things that need to be done first!

(Meet our new drummer - Nik!)


P.S.: Anyway, I plan to keep you updated on our progress. Stay tuned and have a happy start to the new working year!


Pieces coming back together (and a sneak peek at what's cooking!) 

Hello everyone,

Eli here.

I've got a quick heads-up regarding Mazemile's music production schedule. We have recently teamed up with an awesome new drummer, and this dude is really freakin' FAST! This means that very soon (according to our plans) we will be entering the studio to track drums, guitars & vocals for the three tracks that are currently at the production stage. We should be done with recording drums by the end of the year 2017, getting ready to track other instruments and mix the projects throughout January '18. We have not yet decided if we should release those 3 songs at once or write 3 or 4 additional tracks and compile another 6-7 track EP. More info on this to come! Anyway, here's a small snippet of one of the tracks that we are currently working on.

Let us know what you think!


Collabs anyone? 


Right now we are looking for some fresh air: we would really love to invite a talented drummer to work on some new tracks. We have had several candidates recently, but it just happens that none of them was able to pass our little creativity test, let alone the audition. Besides the fact that we have somewhat high expectations for candidates, we are looking for the person to really ‘click’ with us. 

Here’s a couple of words on how we do things. 

Our workflow is based on online interaction, it is a ping-pong-style, iterative process that we use to compose and produce new music. After years of doing it the ‘traditional’ way, it seems quite ok to take the full advantage of MIDI format and Pro Tools' audio editing capabilities. It really helps to cut down unnecessary rehearsals and jam sessions, freeing up time for music production itself. Heck, we do not even happen to see each other often until the time comes to record some brand new stuff! Yes, we record everything live: the fun of experimenting with sound is something difficult to live without as a musician. 

If you feel positive about our musical style, know how to play drums or got a friend who does – don’t hesitate to shoot us an email. Let’s talk about collaboration opportunities and the ways we can help each other. And yes – your location doesn’t really matter at this point!